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Use this page to get a feel for editing pages. Please feel free to use this page to edit anything below the "EDIT BELOW HERE" header.


Run for your lives! Why, you ask?

  • Because the monstars are here!
  • Because the jp is running towards us, mouth hanging open and all.
  • Because the predatory wasp of the palisades is out to get us!
  • Porque te tocas por la noche. <_< >_> Alright, fission mailed.
  • Because EC sucks!
  • Because a hoard of rampaging catgirls are thretening to kill you by sno sno (sp)!
  • Because Bleach is the best anime ever made.
  • Because you touch yourself at night.
  • 42
  • Because I ****ing said so!
  • Zolomy
  • I agree with this point! ^
  • Because you pursued Lu Bu, despite being specifically told not to.
  • Because Xenosaga is the best game ever made.
  • How do I put myself on the "Users" page?
  • Put [[Category:Users]] at the end of the page..
  • Is it possible to change the title of a page?
  • Not without moving it.
  • I just pre-ordered Pokemon Diamond in Japanese. NERDGASM.

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