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eon8 (dubbed eOWNED8 by Saiyan Pezhead) was a social experiment seeing how people react to lack of information. It started as a website with a mysterious countdown, counting down to 12 AM EDT on July 1, 2006 (9 PM PDT, June 30, 2006). It also included a map of "deployment sites", lots of meaningless "codes", and a sort of hidden list of "unauthorized refers", websites that had linked to the countdown. Several theories of what the countdown or the site as a whole was for included:

  • The apocalypse (Although this theory was entertained jokingly)
  • Terrorism, especially the launching of missles or deployment of a virus
  • Zombies
  • Viral advertising, especially for the new James Bond movie, Halo 3, or the Phantom video game console
  • An alternate reality game, probably serving as the aformentioned advertising
  • Social experimentation (which was, obviously, correct)
  • Just a big internet prank

Eon8 became a large Board 8 fad in late June, near the end of the countdown, mostly started by Crossfiyah. However, word on GameFAQs of the site started at the Paranormal/Conspiracy board. A special episode of Kosmo Radio was made in light of this new event, which began over an hour before the timer ended and ended a few minutes after the timer went off. This episode was significant because it had over 100 listeners, including several from LUE and Paranormal/Conspiracy.

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