The EUC. This was a contest started by Sesshomaru Purified that sort of started to give a different perspective on User Contests. It always features many upsets and crazy matches, as people try to make the contest as unpredictable as possible.

Sess ran EUC1, 2, and 3. He started EUC 4, but left the board before finishing and handed over the reins to Applekidjosh. After returning (only a week later >_>) he tried to take the contest back. However, by sending the contest to a faulty email, Sess managed to lose the bracket of EUC4 - forever!

EUC I - ExThaNemesis beat MakeYourChance

EUC II - transience beat Cokes311

EUC III - Sesshomaru Purified beat Applekidjosh

EUC IV - Lost forever

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