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FFDragon jumping into a pool


21st birthday party!

Random Facts

  • Commander of the CATS Army
  • Sucessfully convinced Poll of the Day to invade itself. Mass warnings/purgatories/bannings ensued.
  • Unfortunate creator of the Pork Links fad, used mostly in regards to an Account suicide.

Active Alts (21)

  • FFPhoenix
  • FFPlunge
  • Crimson Dragoon [Work Account]
  • Draconic Soul
  • RoH Wrestling
  • Jack Bauer II
  • Silent Hill 2
  • Pyramid Head
  • Resident Evil X
  • ProgenitorVirus
  • The T Virus
  • The G Virus
  • NemesisParasite
  • TVeronica Virus
  • T Dragon Virus
  • The TG Virus
  • UroborosVirus
  • Las Plagas
  • -TriCell-
  • -UmbrellaCorp-
  • 599 US Dollars
  • Chill Town
  • Buffalo Wings
  • -NanoMachines-

Alts lost in the Night of the DEATHMATCH (21)

  • FFDragoon
  • WildCherryFFD
  • Eff Eff Dee
  • Nogardff
  • Jack Bauer
  • Heroic_Albedo
  • Silent Hill
  • Ring of Honor
  • Metal Gear Rex
  • Balamb Garden
  • Latte Thunder
  • The CATS Army
  • T Virus
  • Resident Evil 2
  • Bleed the Dream
  • The Strike Team
  • X Dragon Inc
  • 5th of November
  • Pork Links
  • In Before the Ban (Oh the bittersweet irony...)

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