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I'm fairly new to B8, and don't get noticed much. Of course, given that the only thing that I've ever actually done to get noticed is kupoing after every sentence, which I stopped because I was about be murdered. Obviously, that means that I am obsessed with Moogles, and would seckzors one if I could, especially Mog. I also believe that they are real, and that the government is hiding them from the "outside world".

I also have a tendency to stop contests in the beginning, as I get lazy quickly >_> *Runs*

Speaking of stopping in the middle of something, that is also sadly what I do with games. I have probably only fully beaten 1 RPG (Golden Sun), and probably only fully beaten, at most, 3 games. Sad, isn't it?

To end this the right way...


P.S. I also have a nasty habit of spreading complete truths, like Jay Solano > Midgar Zolom.

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