Final Destination was a fad that came from 4chan to Board 8 on September 3rd, 2007.

The topic was titled as STOP! This is no way to fight a WAR, boys! by Grand Kirby, and contained a series of paint drawn pictures... the first picture that started it... and the pictures that everyone made. are posted below.

Note: The reason why the pictures are posted lower on this Wiki entry, is because you would not be able to see the first picture due to the dumb stuff on the right. XD

1. Grand Kirby fdwardz1.gif

2. polankyburger

3. jaw70 1188763688994ab6.gif

4. Shyster123

5. Shyster123

6. Shyster123

7. Shyster123

8. Grand Kirby fdmgsdi2.jpg

9. Grand Kirby Note: This picture got deleted by imageshack, please reupload it if you have it.

10. BlackMageJawa SB06.png

11. Crovax

12. /v/ Credit to: rocket157 for showing us it.

13. MoogleKupo141

14. Biolizard28

15. lubaris elitebeatagentsnk1.jpg

16. ShadowMike07

17. Gwindor humptydumptyzr8.png

18. Lord_Jimmy oddworldkw6.jpg

19. Lord_Jimmy pheonixwrightih2.jpg

20. Lord_Jimmy earthboundfdhr9.jpg

21. Bear13inthewoods31

22. WildChocobo

23. ShadowMike07 47654439hm0.jpg

24. Biolizard28

25. /v/ Credit to: rocket157 for showing us it.

26. SmartMuffin vladofdzn1.gif

27. _Harmonica_

28. ScareChan

29. N/A Credit to Capcom Allstar for showing us it.

30. ShadowMike07

31. N/A Credit to KloggMonkey for showing us it. 1189475947559ab2.png

32. mr wednesday elitehg3.jpg

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