"Food, Sex, or Car" was originally a gameshow skit on the NBC show, Saturday Night Live. On Board 8, the concept of the game has been taken by Rocket157 and turned into a daily poll series.

The concept is quite simple: there is a list three items: a food product, a person, and a vehicle. The person taking the poll will then chose the one the want the most: The food, the sex, or the car.

Previous Results Edit

Day 1:

Fresh Apple Pie, Whoopie Goldberg, or a Honda Civic?

Fresh apple pie: 16

Whoopi Goldberg: 4

Honda Civic: 32


Day 2:

A Hawaiian Pizza, Connie Chung, or a Golf Cart?

A Hawaiian Pizza: 10

Connie Chung: 8

Golf Cart: 43


Day 3:

A Giant Turkey Leg, Brooke Shields, or a Fire Engine?

A Giant Turkey Leg: 8

Brooke Shields: 30

Fire Engine: 28


Day 4:

A Texas Double Whopper, Evil Kerrigan, or Jeff Gordon's #24 stock car?

A Texas Double Whopper: 29

Evil Kerrigan: 12

Jeff Gordon's #24 stock car: 28


Day 5:

A blueberry Bagel, Maestro Delpine, or a Ford Pinto?

Blueberry Bagel: 30

Maestro Delpine: 9

Ford Pinto: 15


Day 6:

A meatball sub, Gwyneth Paltrow, or a double-decker bus?

Meatball Sub: 8

Gwyneth Paltrow: 22

Double-Decker Bus: 29


Day 7:

Reese's Puffs Cereal, Scarlett Johansson, or a 1969 Firebird?

Reese's Puffs Cereal: 4

Scarlett Johansson: 39

1969 Firebird: 15


Day 8:

German Chocolate Cake, Liza Minnelli, or a Chevy Cavalier?

German Chocolate Cake: 29

Liza Minnelli: 0

Chevy Cavalier: 20


Day 9:

A Deep-Dish Pizza, Lindsay Lohan, or a Model T?

Deep-Dish Pizza: 14

Lindsay Lohan: 26

Model T: 10


Day 10:

Kettle Corn, Gwen Stefani, or a 1959 Cadillac Eldorado?

Kettle Corn: 4

Gwen Stefani: 6

Cadillac Eldorado: 23


Day 11:

Lasagna, Haruhara Haruko, or the Jetson's Flying Car?

Lasagna: 12

Haruhara Haruko: 3

Jetson's Flying Car: 36


Day 12:

Chocolate Chip Waffles, Sandra Bullock, or a Grand Caravan?

Chocolate Chip Waffles: 46

Sandra Bullock: 12

Grand Caravan: 6


Day 13:

A Skor, Morgan Webb, or a Greyhound Bus?

Skor: 3

Morgan Webb: 42

Greyhound Bus: 23


Day 14:

A Cinnamon Roll, Terri Hatcher, or a U-Haul?

Cinnamon Roll: 27

Terri Hatcher: 20

U-Haul: 6


Day 15:

Bacon, Uma Thurman, or a Delorean?

Bacon: 20

Uma Thurman: 13

Delorean: 37


Day 16:

No-Bake Cookies, Sheryl Crow, or a Hybrid Toyota Prius?

No-Bake Cookies: 11

Sheryl Crow: 17

Hybrid Toyota Prius: 33

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