He looks "kinda" happy...

Forsaken is a guy from Orlando, Florida with the last name "Kuntz".

Major Kuntz, as some people call him, is best known on Board 8 for starting the first ever User Tournament.

He is an avid fan of Dream Theater.

Forsaken participated in the second annual NFL Board 8 Picks Contest ran by The Raven 2, finishing 21st out of 34 users. Ever since the end of 2005 and early 2006, Forsaken hasn't been on Board 8 as much as he used to be. He has partaken in several real tournaments involving the Guitar Hero franchise and winning most of them. His recent and probably the biggest victory of them all was in Gamespot's official tournament promoting Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, where he won a trip to California to compete in the finals; he won the championship match to win cash and a free copy of the upcoming game.

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