Gaddswell does not have anything to do with Professor E. Gadd. In fact, he came out with this username when he was riding in a car. With his parents. Along a lonely long street. In Canada, I might add.

He came to Board 8 during the Spring 2006 Contest to construct the all new Super Mario Bros' path to victory campaign in that contest. He took the time to run this ridiculous movement due to his close affiliation with Prof. E. Gadd himself. He even later made an alt by the name of E_Gadd to signify his tight relation with Prof. E. Gadd. Unfortunately, their bit to the crown fell a bit short due to Final Fantasy MASSIVE STUFFING AND RALLYING in the second semi-final.

Even though it has been said that his username is not based of Prof. E. Gadd (and he stated this multiple times on the board), it should be noted that his love affection towards Prof. E. Gadd is incomparable in this mortal world.

Luigi riding Yoshi is his favorite video game character ever. Other than Luishi, he loves to play as Ness, Lucas, Ike and Marth in Super Smash Bros games because like it or not, Luigi and Yoshi are two of the most suckiest characters in Smash games...

In 2008, he runs a Who did you vote for? topic series for every match of the contest. It is quite successful, especially towards the end where the bandwagon factor has crept in. He intends to run it again in the next contest.

He also apparently prefers pancakes to waffles!

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I approve this Wiki page! -Shaduln

You know I used to always confuse you with Horatio's alt Gadfly o.O- Heroic Palmer

X marks the spot.

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