george romero (the user, not the zombie film director!) is infamous for being one of the least-successful cheaters in GameFAQs Contest history. He stuffed the ballot in favor of Kefka in the Vercetti v Kefka matchup in 2005. Because he would let Tommy get within 100 or so votes of Kefka before going on a stuffing spree, the match popularized the term "BARRIERS" in the stats topic, as though there was a force field of some kind keeping Tommy from getting into striking distance.

CJayC soon discovered the blatant cheating and stripped Kefka of over 1000 votes, resulting in an easy win for Vercetti. He then called george romero out on the boards before banning him. In the aftermath george claimed to have cheated to alter basically every other controversial match in Contest history, but this is very unlikely (for one thing, he claimed to have rallied against StarCraft throughout its 2004 run. against!).

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