cyclo is awesome

Ginhyun's Team Fortress 2 profile

i'm gay - Taslion

He's the only one that remembered my main -SantaRPG

Ginhyun is permanently drunk which has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that is actually an alcoholic beverage that evolved into an intelligent life form. He is however so good at being drunk nobody actually notices that he is drunk. If he was ever sober his intelligence would be such that his brain would pop from the sheer amount of intelligence. He's also permanently drunk, did I mention that? - SensiShadeSlaye, but nobody listens to him because he's stupid.

One of the few people to actually honor an account bet. He hates my opinions though but i <3 him and he should have kept his Zephyr Phoenix account!- Palmer

he has made 2 people close their account, them being HardAsRockDude and bonetail_basher

Mothra Edit


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