Basic Info
GameFAQs user / B8er since: "Revolution" board March 2005 / 2005 Villains Contest
First Account: TheMissingShoe
Known Accounts: 277 (outdated...)
"Secret" Home Board: Armourdillo
User Group Clique The Dillos
Other: Runs an archiver,

About GuessMyUserName Edit

Guessmyusername has been around since the summer of 2005 and his stock has steadily been on the rise on Board 8 since then. He's best known for his quirky behaviour, odd language, Canadianisms and relationship with Pikaness.

Some Stickamers also believe he es furry, after some impersonator disguised in the name of "GuessMyUserName" went into Zachnorn's room and claimed to wear a Lugia fursuit. GMUN always claims he es not furry, however. GMUN is a regular on Stickam.

Quick-Fact Edit

- gmun has a brother and sister (ages: brother >>> sister >>> gmun)
- gmun was raised by Nintendo since like 2 years old, thx to bro (aww yeah ninty)
- ff6 has been gmun's favourite game since he was about 4 years old
- gmun es nyat furry
- favourite quote: "forget ye clown"

Canadianisms Edit

GMUN is a strange foreigner who's never heard of cartoned Milk or Donut holes. According to GMUN the Canadian equivlaent is naming Donut holes after Tim Horton's Genitals and their Milk is shipped to families in wooden crates.

The Dillos Edit

Gmun eventually formed the usergroup clique "The Dillos" along with Zea and SantaRPG. The group was named after Gmun's old private board with pikaness, Armourdillo, which Zea showed to Board 8 leading to the expose of "the mothers day pic". The Armourdillo board is now GameFAQs base of The Dillos.

Top 10 Video-Game Characters Edit

  • 1-2: Celes Chere & Samus Aran
  • 3-5: Tara Grimface / Soma Cruz / Kratos Aurion
  • 5-10. no clue

Celes x Locke, Shulk x Fiora, and Syrenne x Lowell top tier couples

Top 5 VG Franchises Edit

  • 1. Metroid
  • 2. Mega Man
  • 3. Lost Kingdoms
  • 4. Castlevania
  • 5. Pokemon

Collections / List sites Edit

GMUN's Alt Accounts Edit

Total - 278

Active - 252
TheMissingShoe alt0165 00GuyOnTheRight MyWorldIsCircle AltOnTheRight MyWorldIsCeles
_CelesChere_ spanksie NameUserMyGuess MyWorldsAlt0165 MyWorldIsKefka ff6ultraman
LockeCole0165 MyWorldlsSHINE MyWorldlsLocke ZeroSuitSMAUS Dysprosium_ UltraMana
MyWorldlsShadow _Lanthanum_ qwertysoup GMUNsBirthday _Metapod_ KirbyMaster007
DylanGiovannini MrGiovannini GMUNsGirlClone Prinplup Grotle Megapoot
Gligarman Gligirl Gabite ShinyGligar GuessMyNudeName _Nitrogen
Gmunniness GuesMyFurryName Computer_Player SuperWario64 SuprGoombario64 Dangeresque0165
PikaUserName GuessMyAltName GuessMyUserNess** PikaMyUserName** ColonelTurkey SuperGmunny64
Guesstopher MrNamerial __Nitrogen PikaPikaNurse VillainousGMUN HeroicGMUN
MARKET_MOMENTUM SirViIe SuperMetroid64 MyWorldIsSTAR D_R_G MyWorldlsPika
-G_M_U_N- GuessMySexyName X_Gmun_X GMaNly TeamElectabuzz Hi-Im-Daisy
FinalFantasy-VI Final-Fantasy-6 FinalFantasy-6 Celes-X-Terra TheGmunsters Shuppet
Super-Nintendo GameBoy-Pocket Gameboy-Color Midgar-Zolom Celes-Chere Metroid-Fusion
X-Nauts Zero-Suit-Samus Rawk-Hawk Dooplissss hugo97 NintyFAQs
Giga-Bowser Primeape SA2Battle Lizalfos gf Sanity-Claus BelIawesome
Para-Troopa TildeStarTilde CelesMyUserName G-hunny -GMUN- Ponyta
Toxicroak Glameow Smoochum Cradily Flaaffy Phione
Azurill Wizzrobe LogFAQs GMUNsBirthday2 GuessMyWiiName
goku999999 gf RareCandy Corneria February29th MaleB8er QuarterPounder
F-ZeroGX SHINEsess Primid Feyesh Galleom Borboras
Armight Buckot Nagagog Bucculus Bytan Poppant
Roturret Glunder Glire TestMyUserName GuessMyTestName Autolance
Cymul Gamyga BigPrimid ScopePrimid PrincessKatia QueenKatia
TaraGrimface GuessMy----Name TrucyWright ProjectHAMMER EmanResuymsSeug Graveler
SourCreamGlazed MilkBags Dozla MegaMandragora WAAAAAAAAAALT MyWorldIsLocke
LightGoat TheAlgeBros LeodVIII Nintendyl Quagsire GooseMyUserName
CrimsonZea WaterTurbinez gotspank agesFACE ASSesboy
Zelos-Wilder E-Gadd TalesOfGraces MetroidOtherM MetroidMother AnAlt4Everything
ArmourdiIIo MalikCaesars sience tMyUseransience Happiny Majoras-Mask
SuplexTheTrain gmun-chan gmun-kun gmun-san gmun-sama gmun-senpai
gmun-sensei gmun-dono gmun-chama gmun-otousama gmun-okaasan gmun-nyan
otouto-sama onee-sama imouto-nyan Gmunny-Bunny Pushmo sraegonex
Servine Pignite Dewott Watchog Lillipup Herdier
Stoutland Purrloin Liepard Unfezant Gurdurr Palpitoad
Seismitoad Leavanny Krokorok Maractus Tirtouga Cinccino
Ducklett Swanna Vanillish Deerling Sawsbuck Foongus
Amoongus Shelmet Bouffalant Feebas Snover Glalie
Butterfree Arbok Sawk Suicune Braviary Tangela
Chimchar Mienshao Timburr Lairon GMUNsBirthday3 GMUNsBirthday4
eShop Dunban Mumkhar Mechonis Meyneth Otharon
Gadolt Grooseland Geemun WiiWare DSiWare 3DSWare
MagnetoBoram GuessHerUsrName Glorious-Minah Girls-Day Ringabel Pikachurin
Read-Only - 13
UserNameDylan GMUNJoyDivision
altimatechaos BoomPrimid
AllYourSmrf GuessMyUserTest
MetalPrimid SuperGMUN64
Nintendo-64 FirePrimid
GuessMyScrnName Board-Eight-2
Banned - 12
Pleinorn HiImDaisy
GeMUN ThyDungeonwoman
SuperSNOIC __Smorf__
GreenCucco* GMUNxPikaness
GuessYeUserName SuperSNOIC
GuessMyPornName Nephenee3
Main - 1

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