Guild Wars is a Massively Multiplayer Online RPG whose distinguishing characteristic is that it is both subscription-free and not cack. An almost unique combination, though this is explained by the fact that players need to purchase the game itself.

As the title suggests, the game is themed around Guilds, player-owned organisations that can compete with each other for fame and glory. The quest structure is unusual in that the level cap is a rather low 20, and emphasis is placed on obtaining new skills rather than raw power, and finding the best combination of skills to equip at once to make your character as effective as possible, somewhat like deck-building in a card game.

Several Board 8 members recently made new Guild Wars characters with the intention of all meeting up and (Possibly) forming or joining a Guild together. They include:

Cast List
User Character Name Class
BlackMageJawa Teletha Zweiruner Elementalist
BlackMageJawa Koudelka Silvestoli Dervish (in Elona)
Inviso Tracy Mombaro
Kaidyn04 Akodo Tsurari Assassin
pxlated Azbithan Umphalos
Ragnarok_Reborn Arc Severshot
this_is_a_smurf Ravyn Skyler
Zephyr Phoenix Pi Is Exactly Three
RayDyn Raydyn Sphynx Warrior
Da_Guardian Tanzike Kokuran Monk, Dervish, Ranger, Warrior, Mesmer, Elementalist
Sine Blessed Avatar Monk
Smurf Dabomb444 Warrior
Sess Leon Kennedy Nuker
_Yonex_ Yevgeny Yonex Ranger/Monk

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