H4L187 is one of the many to benefit from Icon giving him a nickname (Hal), as no one can pronouce Aych Four El One Eight Seven. Well, they can, but they don't like it. Since this new system of nomenclature, his once 'cult following' status has burgeoned(sp?) into a still entirely unknown figure playing no importance in board 8s history. Board 8's biggest supporter of the Calgary Flames, Chuck Palahniuk, The Tragically Hip, and also the owner of Board 8's hairiest chest, defeating Yoblazer by the closest of shaves. He apparently is also known for ass-terrible puns.

Let it be known that the Colorado Avalanche is still better then those puny Flames, except for in the following categories: hockey skills, NW Division standings, coolness, not-sucking, and being from somewhere besides Denver. Fortunately, the Ottawa Senators, do not fall under any of those categories, and thus, own the Flames and pathetic Avalanche.

Let it be known that the Avalanche made it to round 2, while the Flames lost in round 1.

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