How to get a girlfriend, by LiselTestify

First what you want to do is get a partner. Now, I don't know much about these 'females' I've been hearing so much about lately but I know you'll need someone to watch you're back.
They. Are. Extremely. Deadly.

You'll never want to attempt this over the phone or online, as it simply will not work. The reason for this is because Net Guns generally don't fire through phone lines or any online messaging programs.

Here's what you'll need:
A friend you can trust your life with
A harpoon gun
A Tranquilizer Gun
A net gun (Your friend holds this)
Boots of Agility +2

So here's what you do; Once you've found a suitable mate you need to confront her.. But of course you can't go unprepared. Have your friend hiding in the bushes with the net gun and you're armed with the rest of the aforementioned equipment. As you approach her head on she'll likely become hostile. Look for the tell-tale signs (i.e. her eyes going red, hair turning gold and standing straight up, or unnatural growth of wings or horns.. It depends on what 'tribe' she's from.) Once she's entered hostile mode it's okay to attack. FIRE THE TRANQ GUN NOW! It won't knock her out, since their resistance is too strong, but it will make her sluggish and she'll have difficulty catching you. Using the Boots Of Agility you need to lead her on, and tire her out. Be careful not to let her get too close as she could probably rent you to bits easily with those deadly claws. Once your friend sees an opening he should fire the net gun at her back. Now that she's trapped, fire the harpoon gun into her spine to paralyze her.

If you follow these instructions carefully, you'll have no trouble finding a mate.

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