A silly topic series invented by Red Shifter. It was composed primarily of people posting random crap and then deleting it immediately - trying to keep anyone from actually seeing it. If someone sees it, they need to post a "catch" - a copy/paste of the whole post, including the username line.

Topic History Edit

The first topic was started on July 8 2006 at 2:01 AM EST (during the on-season), and reached 500 in only 1 hour, 18 minutes, and 48 seconds. Many called upon Red Shifter to make the second topic, but Red Shifter decided then and there that the topic series should fade away - and only make its return sometime down the line at complete random.

The second topic was started December 6 2006 at 12:53 AM EST (during the off-season), and eventually stagnated at 324 posts in 1 hour, 26 minutes, and 31 seconds. Red Shifter locked the topic rather than have it go on without him.

The Rules Post Edit

Here are the rules.

1) Post something.

2) Delete it immediately.

3) If you see any post before it is deleted, copy/paste the whole post, including the username/message detail line.

4) Don't repeat or delete any post that shows a catch. That's just silly.

Obviously, this game requires ToU-friendly posts. Go against that, and I'll... not care. At all.


Moderations Edit

One of the most amazing things about this series of topics is the number of moderations that it has had - the surprisingly low number of THREE. Even with this low number, the stigma behind a topic that can be completely flooded and marked for Disruptive Posting is enough to keep many people from even touching it.

There have been censor bypasses and links to hentai sites posted in these topics in the past. Surprisingly, this is NOT where the moderations occurred.

Spinoffs and Inspirations Edit

The first edition of How many posts can you do in a row without being interrupted? came less than a day after this topic series, which may note that it was inspired by Red Shifter's first 500 topic.

The most notable direct spinoff is How fast can you hit the back button? by Alex Shelley. It was the recipient of many XDs.

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