let's roleplay, I'm pretty good at roleplaying

Oh yeah sure Ulti, don't drill at all. Meanwhile we'll be sending money to countries that want to kill us so Obama can bow down to them a little lower. We'll be buying their oil, because we won't have any. Why would we need alternative energy sources? Oil spills barely happen (and wouldn't happen at all if those damn liberals would stop encumbering our industries with bad laws like the minimum wage) and global warming is a farce. You know what the real problem is? Freedom lovers like you and me have been fighting the liberals away from our business, from our economy, and they can't control the oil companies. They hate things they can't control. They want to control your life. So they figure they'll get rid of big oil. Isn't that a liberal mentality? If I can't control it, I'll get rid of it by causing oil spills and exploring new energy sources.

There's something happening in this country, and I'm not sure what it is, but I do know it's the liberals fault and we have to stop them.

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