IhatethisCPU has done nothing worth talking about.

You shouldn't be surprised by this. Perhaps someone out there can remember something?

Current Usable alts Edit

Chicago17. The original... and War can keep it if it wants...

Contests/Writing Projects run, Current and Past Edit

Previously: Best... Comedian... Ever...? Bill Murray over Jim Carrey in the finals.

The Stars of Destiny Are Aligning..., as it's called, is a Suikoden contest that was in the process of determining what the most popular characters in the Suikoverse were. It's been dead for a few years now, though...

Top Ten Songs Edit

1. Downstrait - I Came To Play (WWE Edit) 
2. Van Canto - Fear of the Dark (A Capella Vers.) 
3. Blind Guardian - And Then There Was Silence 
4. Tsukiko Amano - Chou.
5. Boukyaku no Nostalgia
6. Nami Tamaki - Shining Star
7. Yuki Kajiura - a song of storm and fire
8. Stratovarius - Phoenix.
9. Within Temptation: Our Solemn Hour 
10. Yui Horie - Happy Halloween MARIA

Top Ten VGs Edit

10. Kuon. 
9. Dragon Quest V. 
8. Ace Attorney Investigations. 
7. Eternal Darkness.
6. Suikoden 5.
5. SMT: Persona 4.
4. Fatal Frame 2 
3. Silent Hill 2.
2. Forbidden Siren 2.
1. Fatal Frame.

Top Ten Movies Edit

1. The Princess Bride.
2. Jacob's Ladder.
3. Donnie Darko.
4. Evil Dead: Army of Darkness.
5. Monty Python and the Meaning of Life.
6. Rush Hour 2.
7. Cool Runnings.
8. Seven Samurai.
9. Rashomon.
10. Fargo.

Top Ten Authors Edit

1. Terry Prachett.
2. Douglas Adams..
3. Christopher Moore.
4. Carl Hiaasen.
5. Mike Lupica.
6. Tim Dorsey.
7. Lawrence Block.
8. P. G. Wodehouse.
9. Dave Barry..
10. Melanie Rawn.

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