Jack Thompson is the well-known attorney whom Board 8 mostly hates. He is known for attacking games (mostly the Grand Theft Auto series) for having sexuality or violence in them. Because of this, most gamers hate him.

He was a fad during the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas controversy over the Hot Coffee mod. After getting it an AO rating (thus it being pulled from many stores) and starting to go after The Sims 2, Board 8 started sending many e-mails (and making topics about them), both serious and silly (such as Mario promoting violence towards turtles). The fad died down, but users do still post topics mocking him, or posting news about him.

  • "Video games don't kill people. Insane people kill people. Depression causes insanity. Loneliness causes depression. Video games distract people from loneliness. Jack Thompson hates video games. Thus, Jack Thompson promotes murder. So Jack, SHUT UP!" - SuperSmash Master

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