Janus5000 is a big fan of Katamari Damacy. So big, We would have put him in We <3 Katamari. Silly Namco refused. They said he believed Tales of Symphonia to not be great. Not godly like Us. We agree. But nothing is. We also hear he likes music games. In the Groove is fun. So is DDR. We have seen him on Board 8 since summer 2004. Strange, since We were not around back then. No Katamari Damacy yet, you see. We have also seen him post about stats. Something about SFF and Plans. He generally stays low-key, but is enjoyable in the stats topics. There was some other place We noticed him. User contests or something. We mostly noticed him losing by few votes. One vote, even. Especially to RPGGamer0. And ExThaNemesis. And some other guy named Cokes311. We think those two have a riivalry of sorts. Yes, Cokes311 vs. Janus5000. We like the sound of it. How disturbing.

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