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*dances* - SA2Tails 03:51, 25 June 2006 (BST)

Here's a cookie!

Dynamite Headdy: Elaborate on that story

jaw707070: Okay

jaw707070: My dad called me up for a dinner right about when KR started.

jaw707070: I told him that instead of doing the dishes I wanted to go listen to a radio show

jaw707070: He said that it was fine, so I came back and listened to all of the jp interview and the prank call to CVS

jaw707070: He then told me to at least to put the food away, but I had to wash a container first.

jaw707070: So I quickly rinsed it and put the Macorini in the fridge.

jaw707070: He then called me after that round of Piano music

jaw707070: He got so ticked off about the Mac and chese being in a dirty bowl that he threw it at the sink to get rid of it.

jaw707070: Unfourtunently I happened to be in front of the sink at the time, and it missed me by an inch or too.

jaw707070: I then finished the dishes and came back to listen to the last of the Chilie's calls.

jaw707070: The End.

Dynamite Headdy: *claps*

Dynamite Headdy: I have no response. >_>

jaw707070: It was kinda funny becuase now my dad is spazing out about how he's sorry.

Dynamite Headdy: Heh.

Dynamite Headdy: It would take my dad like a week. And he would'nt have missed. >_>

jaw707070: I told him it was okay. I really find it funny more than anything.

jaw707070: My dad did miss, but I did get some macaroni on my shirt.

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