jeevesthemole is the premier "rival" of Icon. Before he acquired a new PC, he made a few projects, of which all were horrible failures due to the topics repeatedly purging and the content not being saved. A lethal combination of poor memory and procrastination.

Game he likes a lot: Deus Ex

Phrase he says too much: 'Damn the Patriots!'

Books that he's currently reading and enjoying a lot: Discworld series by Terry Pratchett

Current targets of homicidal rage: Smurf. Reasons are not required.

Jeeves' presence on the internet is MIA.

The List of Filthy Hobos Edit






Do not even ask

Ed Bellis (the filthiest!)


Tonberry (Fifteen-hundred dollah!)


Random Comments because people smell Edit

-He also was beaten by Grand Healer in the fodder contest. Hahaha!

-So? I beat ExTha in another contest! How do you like them apples?

-I just had an apple it was nice. Anyway, it's funny how you hold it against me.

-I hold nothing except scissors. 61! And a chainsaw!

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