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Round One


Monday, September 18th, 2006

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Poll 2505
Division Limit Division
Match # 07
Match Date Monday, September 18th, 2006
Vote difference 27,424
Jill Valentine - 64.42%
149 for - 3 against
Jill Valentine - 85.80%
(36,590 brackets)

This will likely be the only match we ever see Sheena in; it's kind of a shame that she had zero chance to win. It's tough to write about matches where the winner was all but given a bye, because anyone could have just looked at a few numbers in advance to see what was going to happen. However, there are two things worth noting here.

Of all the stupid picks Lopen made, Sheena winning her fourpack was by far my favorite of them. I should make a topic making fun of him one of these days =p

As for the actual match, the final numbers are a bad indicator of certain things; namely, Resident Evil being terrible with the day vote. We all knew how bad it was when Street Fighter managed to make a match out of its loss to RE in the series contest, but Jill doing similarly badly against Sheena was just ridiculous. And remember, we've seen RE vs TOS before in the form of Lloyd needing the day vote to really finish off Wesker.

Sheena's day vote against Jill was kind of like that, though the match was never really in question. After Jill got an early bracket vote surge to get above 66%, she fell below a doubling 15 minutes into the match. She flirted in the 65% range all through the night vote, then mildly collapsed during the day. Jill giving up over 3% that late in the match to what is essentially a cult character is no small feat, and such lax performance during the after-school vote wouldn't cut it for Jill were she to see a close match later in the contest.

omg foreshadowing <_<

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