Random FactsEdit

  • Very old user who enjoys the intelligent conversation of the board. And mafia. :)
  • Married with a daughter, Cleo, born in late 2009.
  • Former Boston resident and New York City resident. Now resides in Yonkers, NY.
  • Huge Mets fan. Really the only team I root for.
  • Longtime Farker, and Top 100 submitter there. Fark rules.
  • My former LOST blog: Mistaking Coincidence For Fate. I am still so sad how horribly that show ended.
  • Scientist. Diabetes researcher. If anyone has any questions about science careers, do ask. AIM: Jmast7abc

Mafia Games Edit

Record: 1-6-3 :P

  • Newbie 8 (TOWN Cop, Tie due to host error) - Town would have won here, though
  • Newbie 9 (TOWN Vanilla, Lost miserably)
  • Newbie 10 (Independent SK, Lost, Poisoned N1)
  • Dragonball Z 3 (Launch, TOWN Prosty, Lost horribly)
  • Mario (Dimentio, CHAOTIC Mastermind, Won)
  • FFT (Tiamat, TOWN Vanilla, Lost)
  • DCU (Lex Luthor, TOWN Cop, Lost - MKed due to stupidity) >_<
  • 24 Mafia (Anton Beresch, TOWN Vanilla, Tie due to host error D2)
  • Killer7 (Another Smile, TOWN Vanilla. Lost, played decent until the end)
  • Working Title (TOWN Bulletproof. Tie due to host error) - Town would have won here too, though

I've only ever been either Town or SK, oddly. <_<

Games to host in various stages of completion:

  • 80s Saturday Morning Cartoon (Finished, in queue)
  • Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Finished)
  • Thanksgiving (Setup done, flavor being written)
  • Shawshank Redemption (Planning)
  • Police Procedural (Planning)
  • Detective Fiction (Planning)

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