One of the great mythical creatures in American history, the Jolly Green Giant is so popular, that his likeliness can be found even in the supermarket. However, no known picture exists of his wife. She seems to have attained the status of Bigfoot, with many "reports" of finding her, but there is no confirmed sightings with actual proof. That is, until now. The user Kyle Bowen found her roaming the streets of... wherever she roams. He didn't have a camera with him, but he did have a pencil and paper and various green colors. He drew a picture of said giantess, and is now glorified as the hero of the mythological creature community, or MCC. Considering the giantess doesn't look so jolly, the MCC has dubbed her the Angry Green Giantess.


Kyle Bowen's depiction of the Angry Green Giantess

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