jonthomson is an occasional poster to Board 8. He has been around since 2003, finding the board after wondering how Scorpion lost to Zero. Mostly posts in the stats topics and other threads relating to contest-based side-challenges, i.e. the Guru Contest since 2004, occasionally the Oracle Challenge. He's fairly anonymous outside of those, particularly in the offseason, to the point where when he was promoted to moderator in March 2007, nobody noticed.

jonthomson is also known for being a massive Metroid fanboy, and has frequently stated that Super Metroid is the greatest game ever and nothing comes close to it. Needless to say, once he found out that he was being knocked off the leaderboard in the villains contest as a result of Ridley losing, screams of anguish could be heard in three counties. He also intensely dislikes RPG's, but has admitted to liking Chrono Trigger and Earthbound after playing them on Board 8's recommendation. He will also nominate CATS and Duke Nukem without fail for every character battle, along with whatever fad is on at the moment. This jonthomson and the jonthomson who is also a moderator on Newgrounds are the same person.

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