About Jukkie Edit

Jukkie has made a comeback of sorts. He works in the oil fields of North Dakota, and has expressed many times about how much he hates his job and everything that goes along with it.

Has been on Board 8 since 2003 but mostly lurked, but has since made some waves with what most on Board 8 consider the worst fad ever...Nope Unicorns.

Had an epic tale about his trip to Las Vegas with friends and the journey they went on while there. Topic purged while he was in between rigs, but he may have the motivation to re-type the journey and repost on the wiki at a later date.

Favorite Sports Teams Edit

NFL - New England Patriots [1]

NCAA - Virginia Tech Hokies [2]

MLB - Baltimore Orioles [3]

NHL - Washington Capitals [4]

NBA - Washington Wizards [5]

Pictures of Jukkie Edit

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