Justin in class doing his thang

Justin_Crossing is

I'm too lazy to actually update this and also don't know what to say so if someone comes upon this and has the work ethic to update it in SOME WAY that would be pretty cool

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Comments by other UsersEdit

"justin_crossing is sexy" ~ Lisel

"lol canada" > Tazzy

"Justin > god?" ~ pieisthebest

"JC looks like a movie" ~ foolmo

"He's 14 so it's understandable." ~ Aecioo and Koala

"cool young user who manages to not suck despite being younger than me even though most people younger than me suck" ~ Mer

"I'd say you must be pretty legit." ~ Commodore

"J_C's (in because) he got cool." ~ fetus

"I freakin hate you so much." ~ Boko

"no seriously I dislike everything about you." ~ Boko

"Justin has always been a good friend on the board, and I thank him for that."- Marth

"Pretty decent guy." - darkx

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