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This article relates to the GameFAQs message board "points" system. For the B8 user of the same name, see Karma Hunter.

Karma is a loyalty points system gained on GameFAQs.

The rule for gaining karma: A user must log onto the GameFAQs site to be awarded one point of karma for each 24 hour period.

There is usually a karma boost in November to celebrate the anniversary of GameFAQs' creation. If you visit GameFAQs on the day of a karma boost you get extra karma (usually 6%).

The more karma you have on GameFAQs, more noobs will look up to you. Also, when you have a moderated message on GameFAQs you will sometimes lose karma (between 3 and 90, normally 3 or 10).

Karma also determines the status of a users account and their abilty to view active posts, mark messages for moderation and also determines posting limitations.

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