kenrmcha is Board 8's most beloved of cult heros. Really. He is. If cult were a bag of chips, ken here would be the biggest, and possibly jalapeno flavoured, but that's another matter. ken has created a few popular, if not niche, contests: The Save My Suikoden Character (I-IV) and the Rate the Anime Character come to mind. He's also the board's biggest, but not only, Ken Dorsey supporter.

kenrmcha was once, and possibly still is, married to gotspork, and he has made her a happy girl. After all, it's not every day you get to be married to the sole surviving Sakura Knight.

Also, kenrmcha has followed in the veins of Santa Claus by sending out a free game, Phoenix Wright, to Steinershocker.

Finally, kenrmcha is a proficient ytmnd creator. He currently has made 11.

Jan Valentine

Jan Valentine loves London

Jan and Luke plot

Jan Too Loud?

Aeris has lost it

You can find the rest after a quick search on YTMND.

All in all he owns Mumei and should come back. ;_;

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