Square-Enix's answer to Alucard Kart.

The release is continually being pushed back as the developers compete with Konami to ensure they produce the most awesome racing game ever. In the meantime, you can create the illusion of playing Kingdom Karts by getting two televisions next to each other, one with a Playstation and a copy of Chocobo Racing, and the other with an N64 and Mickey's Speedway USA. Then play both at the same time and stare at a point in between until you go cross eyed and the images blend together. Voila, Disney vs Final Fantasy racing game!

(Please note, information in this article may not be factual. Board 8 cannot accept responsibility for any permanent eye damage caused by making yourself stare at two televisions at once. Clinton interns may go down, and your home is at risk if you set it on fire)

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