During the Summer 2007 Contest, SHINE GET 64 made a contest in which the participants of the poll of the day were up against Kobe Bryant and the rest of the USA Basketball team. Here are all the pictures and final results from that contest.

usa1jp3.jpg - 1st. Kobe/USA 2nd. Knuckles

usa2fa5.jpg - 1st. Kobe/USA 2nd. KOS-MOS

usa3df7.jpg - 1st. Samus Aran 2nd. Kobe/USA

usa4pe0.jpg - 1st. Agent 47 2nd. Kobe/USA

usa5kd1.jpg - Tied. Kobe/USA and Zelos Wilder

usatiebreaker1vv6.jpg - Zelos wins tiebreaker

usa6rw6.jpg - 1st. Midgar Zolom 2nd. Jill Valentine - 1st. Kobe/USA 2nd. Auron

usa8ea7.jpg - 1st. Toad 2nd. Kobe/USA - 1st. Sir ****ing Meta-Knight 2nd. Kobe/USA

usa10js5.jpg - 1st. Kobe/USA 2nd. Banjo - 1st. Kobe/USA 2nd. Wander

usa12zc7.jpg - 1st. Kobe/USA 2nd. Phoenix Wright

usa13qc8.jpg - 1st. Miles Edgeworth 2nd. Bidoof - Tied. The Boss and Zelda

usatiebreaker2sg6.jpg - The Boss wins tiebreaker

usa15os8.jpg - 1st. Simon Belmont 2nd. Kobe/USA

usa16cu0.jpg - Tied. Kobe/USA and HK-47

usatiebreaker3xw8.jpg - Kobe wins tiebreaker

usa17xe6.jpg - 1st. Tingle 2nd. Kobe/USA

usa18ij8.jpg - 1st. Ganondorf 2nd. Thrall

usa19bl6.jpg - 1st. Yuna 2nd. Master Chief - 1st. Liquid Snake 2nd. Ness

usa21wt8.jpg - 1st. Amaterasu 2nd. Matt - 1st. Ada Wong 2nd. Kobe/USA - 1st. Issac 2nd. Kobe/USA - 1st. Kobe/USA 2nd. Ridley

usa25eq5.jpg - 1st. L-Block 2nd. Kirby - 1st. Kobe/USA 2nd. Prince of All Cosmos - 1st. Solid Snake 2nd. Rayman r - 1st. Ryu Hayabusa 2nd. Kobe/USA - 1st. Kobe/USA 2nd. Akuma

usa30iq7.jpg - 1st. Kobe/USA 2nd. Wesker - 1st. Gordon Freeman 2nd. Guybrush Threepwood

usa32ja0.jpg - 1st. Sonic 2nd. Viewtiful Joe - 1st. Kobe/USA 2nd. KOS-MOS - 1st. Samus 2nd. Kobe/USA

usa35pl6.jpg - Tied. Revolver Ocelot and Kefka

usatiebreaker4rk4.jpg - Revolver Ocelot wins tiebreaker

usa36vd1.jpg - 1st. Ryu 2nd. Bowser

usa37gk0.jpg - Tied. Kobe/USA and Meta-Knight

usatiebreaker5na0.jpg - Meta-Knight wins tiebreaker

usa38lp7.jpg - 1st. Phoenix Wright 2nd. Big Boss

usa39aho0.jpg - 1st. Kobe/USA 2nd. Zelda

usa40yo0.jpg - 1st. Zero 2nd. Raiden

usa41ct3.jpg - 1st. Luigi 2nd. Kobe - 1st. Liquid Snake 2nd. Yuna

usa43cy8.jpg - 1st. Amaterasu 2nd. Balthier

usa44gs8.jpg - 1st. Pikachu 2nd. Vivi

usa45dq0.jpg - 1st. L-Block 2nd. Kirby

usa46hb3.jpg - 1st. Jack/24 2nd. Ryu Hayabusa

usa47yz6.jpg - 1st. Lara Croft 2nd. Kobe/USA - 1st. Kobe/USA 2nd. Duke Nukem

usa49fp1.jpg - 1st. Mega Man 2nd. Samus

usa50hm9.jpg - 1st. Ryu 2nd. Marcus Fenix - 1st. Mario 2nd. Big Boss

usa52we8.jpg - 1st. Zero 2nd. Kobe/USA (image done by Sess) - 1st. Luigi 2nd. Ganondorf

usa54ad6.jpg - 1st. Kobe/USA 2nd. Pikachu

usa55eg7.jpg - 1st. L-Block 2nd. Solid Snake

usa56pf6.jpg - 1st. Kobe/USA 2nd. Sonic - 1st. Mega Man 2nd. Kobe/USA

usa58ra2.jpg - 1st. Mario 2nd. Sephiroth

usa59kp8.jpg - 1st. Luigi 2nd. Kobe/USA - 1st. Jack 2nd L-Block

usa61lg8.jpg - 1st. Samus 2nd. Kobe/USA

usa62yz9.jpg - 1st. L-Block 2nd. Master Chief

usafinalsv2.jpg - 1st. Tony Almeida 2nd. L-Block

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