The l33t pwnat00rz are a small clan of 13 members, who exist purely to be l33t. It was started by XIII Is Cool/XIII_rocks, Talkin Tate, Grandfool, Goldenmew and yugiohlover. It was due to a couple of tag team tournaments and Board 8 Battle 3, in which two different combinations of these five users were used. Shotly thereafter, XIII decided to form the two into one entity, one group, called the L33t pwnat00rz eliminat00rz. Opposition grew from a couple of noted regulars, such as paperwarior and Steinershocker. The pwnat00rz expanded to hold noted users, like raytan7585, WVI, Metool, and SurfingVaporeon. However, they soon quietly disappeared, after Goldenmew left due to an account bet and Tate and Grandfool suddenly disappeared.

A few months later, Tate and Grandfool returned, and XIII created another topic, calling for the return of the pwnat00rz. The l33t pwnat00rz eliminat00rz now have their own board, Condor Attack, and their own rivals, the R0B0-CRUSH3RS, a group lead by Robazoid and paperwarior. Despite this opposition, they are still going strong, with a new member in Applekidjosh.

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