A sprite comic by BlackMageJawa.

A blatant ripoff of Monty Python which applies the basic idea of Life of Brian to the Legend of Zelda series. It is set during the time alluded to in the intro of Wind Waker, under the idea that, contrary to what legend states, a hero did arise to fight Ganon, but the events that transpired were too embarassing for legend to record.

Tim, the star, is a lazy, fairly stupid kid who, thanks to a series of mishaps and coincidences, ends up being mistaken for the Hero of Time. He then proceeds to bumble his way through a series of adventures with the aim of preventing Ganon's return, thus saving Hyrule from a fate worse than cel-shading. Also stars three demonic Pokemon, a genuine fake princess, and a pigeon in denial.

Currently hosted on Freewebs because BMJ is far too cheap to pay for hosting.

Life of Tim

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