Listing of every character to appear in a Character Battle. Participation in a contest is denoted with a gray background, if applicable their final unadjusted X-stat ranking is also shown.

Name 2002 2003 2004 Spr2005 2005 2006 2007 2008 2010 2011 2013
? Block 144th
Abe 51st
Ada Wong 52nd 46th
Adam Jensen 161st
Adol Christin 240th
Adolf Hitler 40th
Aeris Gainsborough 12th 15th 16th 25th 64th
Agent 47 57th 95th
Agent J
AiAi 63rd
Akira Yuki 55th
Akuma 61st
Alan Wake 185th
Albedo Piasora 22nd
Albert Wesker 25th 56th 102nd 14th 192nd
Altair 77th 38th
Alucard Tepes 26th 22nd 59th 36th 38th 32nd 16th 47th
Alyx Vance 66th
Amaterasu 60th 39th 121st
Amy Rose 51st
Andross 23rd
Ansem 12th
Archer 156th
Arthas Menethil 103rd 45th
Auron 20th 12th 29th 20th 13th 69th
Axel 41st 89th
Axel Steel
Aya Brea 49th 114th
Balthier Bunansa 86th 112th
Banjo 83rd 55th 168th
Barret Wallace 24th
Bartz Klauser 50th
Bayonetta 87th
Big Boss 61st 43rd 9th 14th
Big Daddy 28th 98th
Black Knight 36th
Black Shadow 56th
Blinky 20th
Boko 205th
Bomberman 23rd 42nd 44th 188th
Booker DeWitt 88th
Bowser Koopa 17th 31st 3rd 9th 22nd 23rd 2nd 13th
Bub 57th
Caim 238th
Captain Falcon 49th 33rd 56th 48th
Captain John Price 66th
Captain MacMillan 110th
Captain Olimar 62nd 122nd
Captain Viridian 198th
Carl "CJ" Johnson 63rd
Carmen Sandiego 65th
Catherine 48th 165th
CATS 47th 56th 53rd 15th 43rd 60th 203rd
Cecil Harvey 52nd 99th 44th 113th
Celes Chere 57th 173rd
Charizard 14th 28th
Chell 21st
Chester 242nd
Chie Satonaka 6th
Chop Chop Master Onion 48th
Chris Redfield 44th 14th
Chrom 66th
Chun-Li 31st 33th 119th
Cid Highwind 71st
Cirno 221st
Claire "Lightning" Farron 72nd 135th
Claire Redfield 13th 42nd 139th
Claptrap 123rd 154th
Clementine 117th
Cloud Strife 8th 1st 2nd 2nd 2nd 2nd 3rd 31st
Cole MacGrath 97th
Commander Keen 206th
Commander Shepard 20th 37th 59th
Commander Video 241st
Conker 46th 43rd 48th 47th
Cortana 64th
Corvo Attano 182nd
Crash Bandicoot 36th 50th 46th 124th 43rd 56th
Crazy Redd 58th
Creeper 183rd
Crono 7th 6th 5th 5th 11th 8th 11th 32nd
Dan Hibiki 61st 145th
Dante Sparda 18th 21st 17th 16th 15th 18th 27th 51st
Darth Revan 54th
Deckard Cain
Delita Hyral 53rd
Demi-Fiend 195th
Diablo 4th 33rd
Diddy Kong
Dirk the Daring 61st
Don Paolo 60th
Donkey Kong 46th 29th 25th 22nd 80th 28th 118th
Dr. Breen 32nd
Dr. Fetus 52nd
Dr. Nefarious 57th
Dr. Neo Cortex 43rd
Dr. Robotnik 16th 12th 72nd
Dr. Wily 8th 13th
Dracula 16th 35th
Dragonborn 65th
Draven 1st
Duke Nukem 33rd 45th 35th 56th 187th
Dunban 180th
Earthworm Jim 57th 51st
Eddie Riggs 118th
Elizabeth 54th
Ellis 117th
Epona 44th
Ezio Auditore da Firenze 53rd 42nd 126th
Face McShooty 207th
Falco Lombardi 121st 222nd
Fawful 127th 233rd
Fei Fong Wong 84th
Felix 32nd
Fox McCloud 31st 49th 27th 18th 93rd
Francis York Morgan 235
Frank West 197th
Frog 14th 43rd 70th 19th 78th
Gabe Logan 56th
Galcian 62nd
Ganondorf Dragmire 11th 54th 2nd 25th 18th 48th 1st 147th
Garrus Vakarian 45th
"Geno" 51st 97th 190th
Ghaleon 27th
Gilgamesh 50th 52nd
Giygas 31st 34th
GlaDOS 109th 21st 16th
Goemon 54th
Golbez 44th
Gordon Freeman 53rd 53rd 51st 37th 37th 34th 32nd 159
Groose 174th
Gruntilda 55th
Guybrush Threepwood 58th 63rd 119th 63rd 234th
Hades 237th
Hal “Otacon” Emmerich 191st
Handsome Jack 163rd
Heavy 78th 89th
Hero 136th
HK-47 38th 94th
Ike 101st 36th 53rd
Illidan 45th
Iori Yagami 50th
Isaac (BOI) 85th
Isaac (GS) 44th 75th 79th
Isaac Clarke 208th
Ivy Valentine 50th
Jade 68th 194th
Jade Curtiss 230th
Jak 40th 104th 3rd
Janus "Magus" Zeal 9th 22nd 19th 58th 19th 169th
JC Denton 56th 200th
Jecht 47th 17th
Jigglypuff 158th
Jill Valentine 16th 28th 29th 31st 31st 41st 120th
Jim Raynor 31st
Jin Kazama 50th
Joanna Dark 54th 58th
John Marston 111th
Juliet Starling 172nd
Kaim Argonar 219th
Kain 48th 186th
Kain Highwind
Kairi 40th
Kane 59th
Kasumi 25th 53rd
Kat 231st
Katherine 48th
Kazuya Mishima 45th
Kefka Palazzo 52nd 36th 7th 38th 64th 15th 17th
Ken Masters 14th 40th 100th 6th
King Dedede
King K. Rool 28th
King of All Cosmos 55th 214th
Kirby 17th 25th 30th 12th 25th 36th 29th 10th
Kite 48th
Knuckles the Echidna 15th 24th 24th 17th 88th 127th
KOS-MOS 36th 21st 41st 35th 34th
Kratos 44th 32nd 22nd 26th 138th
Kratos Aurion 42nd 107th 24th 204th
Kuja 28th 33rd
Ky Kiske 64th
Kyo Kusanagi 40th
L-Block 45th 61st
Laharl 49th 65th 108th 59th 150th
Lara Croft 27th 37th 50th 39th 39th
Lavos 13th 11th
LeChuck 63rd
Lee Everett 184th
Lenneth Valkyrie 62nd 160th
Leon S. Kennedy 26th 26th 35th 46th 140th
Link 1st 2nd 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st 2nd
Liquid Snake 16th 11th 111th 5th
Little Mac 38th 101st
Lloyd Irving 53rd 90th 24th 96th
Locke Cole 171st
Lu Bu 143rd
Luca Blight 62nd 30th
Lucina 76th
Lugia 109th
Luigi 30th 41st 20th 24th 29th 35th 15th
Luke fon Fabre
Lyndis 196th
M. Bison 6th
Magikarp 73rd
Manny Calavera 66th
Marcus Fenix 82nd
Mario 6th 5th 6th 4th 5th 12th 2nd 50th
Marisa Kirisame 216th
Marle 44th
Marth 55th 12th
Master Chief 26th 15th 21st 34th 115th 104th
Master Hand 26th
Matt (Wii Sports)
Max Payne 35th 51st 42nd 236th
Meat Boy 52nd 223rd
Mega Man 3rd 4th 8th 6th 10th 26th 13th 26th
Mega Man X 15th 8th 46th
Meta Knight 84th 29th 91st
Mewtwo 74th 4th
Mid-Boss 59th
Midgar Zolom
Midna 85th 58th
Mike Haggar 211th
Miles Edgeworth 125th 25th 70th
Miles "Tails" Prower 28th 41st 27th 59th 167th
Missingno. 7th 81st
Missile 164th
Mithos 17th
Mordin Solus 75th
Morrigan Aensland 19th 42nd
Mother Brain 19th
Mr. Driller 64th
Mr. Game & Watch 181st
Mr. Resetti 64th
Ms. Pac-Man 63rd
N 146th
Nathan Drake 105th 116th
Nathan Hale
Neku Sakuraba 116th 170th
Nemesis 9th 41st
Ness 55th 34th 59th 39th 34th 128th
Nidoran F 56th
Nier 218th
Nightmare 49th 55th
Niko Bellic 96th 130th
Officer Frank Tenpenny 32nd
Oliver 220th
Orochi 39th
Pac-Man 29th 54th 58th 62nd 20th 123rd
Palutena 153rd
PaRappa the Rapper 44th
Peacock 215th
Phoenix Wright 45th 52nd 25th 9th
Pikachu 39th 60th 6th 21st
Pit 129th
Pitfall Harry 42nd
Poison 74th
Pokemon Trainer Blue 4th 83rd
Pokemon Trainer Red 49th 4th 43rd
Prince of All Cosmos
Princess Daisy 67th
Princess Peach 30th 42nd 90th
Prinny 120th 142nd
Professor Layton 122nd 60th 63rd
Protoman 45th 51st 57th
Pyramid Head 29th 110th
Q*Bert 41st
Queen Slug-for-a-Butt 51st
Raiden 59th 30th 19th
Ragna the Bloodedge 141st
Ramirez 24th
Ramza Beoulve 38th 81st 53rd 103rd
Ratchet 57th 60th 67th 57th 62nd
Rayman 176th
Raz 213th
Raziel 24th 47th
Recette Lemongrass 199th
Red Bird 228th
Reimu Hakurei 124th
Revolver Ocelot 5th 64th 50th 106th
Reyn 212th
Ridley 10th 41st 7th 100th
Rikku 28th 28th 62nd 131st
Riku 45th 21st 38th 23rd 92nd
Rinoa Heartilly 152nd
Rodrigo Borgia 42nd
Roll 61st
Roxas 57th 155th
Rydia 67th
Ryo Hazuki 32nd 58th 61st
Ryu 10th 18th 9th 23rd 23rd 17th 6th 80th
Ryu Hayabusa 28th 34th 36th 112th 27th
Sackboy 91st 217th
Sagat 61st
Sam Fisher 35th 47th 40th
Samus Aran 4th 7th 4th 13th 4th 4th 7th 20th
Sandal 128th
Sandbag 162nd
Sarah Kerrigan 58th 63rd 31st 175th
Saren Arterius 37th
Scorpion 22nd 31st 33rd 10th 40th
Seifer Almasy 22nd 193rd
Senator Steven Armstrong 227th
Sephiroth 2nd 3rd 3rd 1st 3rd 3rd 5th 3rd 8th
Serious Sam 62nd
Servbot 30th
Seymour Guado 38th
Shadow the Hedgehog 12th 23rd 69th 177th
Sheena Fujibayashi 46th
Sho Minamimoto
Shulk 105th
Siegfried Schtauffen 49th
Sigma 21st
Simon Belmont 34th 87th 201st
Sin 18th
Sissel 232nd
Slime 94th
Sly Cooper 55th 179th
Soap MacTavish 68th
Sol Badguy 64th
Solaire of Astora 132nd
Solid Snake 9th 8th 11th 8th 6th 3rd 5th 5th
Soma Cruz 59th
Sonic the Hedgehog 5th 10th 7th 7th 9th 24th 12th 7th
Sora 39th 13th 30th 19th 37th 23rd 22nd
Spring Breeze Dancin’ 243rd
Spy 126th
Spyro the Dragon 37th 60th
Squall Leonhart 20th 16th 19th 11th 14th 11th 22nd 71st
Squirtle 25th
Steve 189th
Strider Hiryu 21st
Sub-Zero 29th 30th 10th 30th
Tanner 64th
Teemo 226th
Terra Branford 47th 55th 46th 15th 18th
Terry Bogard 60th 52nd
Tharja 149th
The Boss 47th 92nd 9th 33rd
The Dog
The Great Mighty Poo 47th
The Guy 54th
The Kid 54th
The Prince of Persia 43rd 95th
Thrall 79th 108th
Tidus 11th 13th 20th 24th 48th 40th 17th 82nd
Tifa Lockhart 15th 8th 10th 36th
Tina Armstrong 43rd
Tingle 54th 125th
Tiny Tina 151st
Tom Nook 61st 58th 102nd
Tommy Vercetti 27th 26th 25th 134th
Travis Touchdown 98th 202nd
Ulala 52nd
Ultros 20th
Urdnot Wrex 107th
Vaas Montenegro 210th
Vamp 30th
Vault Boy 73rd
Vergil Sparda 14th 27th
Viewtiful Joe 32nd 157th
Vincent Valentine 10th 12th 19th 11th
Vivi Ornitier 18th 27th 63rd 49th
Vyse 43rd 39th 60th 62nd 225th
Waluigi 35th 37th
Wander 113th 178th
Wario 33rd 137th
Weighted Companion Cube 76th 133rd
Welkin Gunther 229th
Wheatley 68th
William BJ Blazkowicz 40th
Wolf O’Donnell 18th 239th
Yoshi 23rd 37th 32nd 13th 9th 41st
Yoshimitsu 115th
Yu Narukami 209th
Yuna 34th 39th 17th 93rd 38th 86th
Yuri Hyuga 67th 224th
Yuri Lowell 114th 166th
Zack Fair 65th 23rd
Zelda 19th 14th 7th 16th 29th
Zelos Wilder
Zero (999) 148th
Zero (MMX) 14th 10th 18th 27th 21st 8th 99th
Zeus 26th
Zidane Tribal 49th 106th 33rd 77th

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