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Listitis is a very severe pandemic that has spread through the members of Board 8 via text communication. Known carriers of the disease include, but are not limited to: Heroic Mario, Icon, durango X3, Mumei, Cokes311, and Brainstruck just to name a few.

There are many different strains that this disease follows, but none of them are hard to diagnose; some could come in the form of a massive write-up; Mumei has been known to AIM his list of favourite Animes and Anime Characters to various users in hope of starting a conversation; Heroic Mario changes his lists about as often as Italy changes regimes (dated joke? Meh); some users, Icon and Brainstruck among them, love to throw as many lists as possible at the board in hope of starting a decent topic.

There is no cure, and there probably never will be. Sooner of later, you too will succumb to this debilitating disease. Have fun!

"Board 8 kinda reminds me of High Fidelity, you know, that movie with those music guys always making those lists?"

~ Tombs [That is not the exact quote, as he said that way back in 2004, but meh]

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