Lopen has one of the largest cult followings on Board 8, and he loves it. He's also one of the few Users Surely BeNotOnTheHipTrain.

Lopen lives the on-the-edge lifestyle of wacky upset predictions, which has earned him nicknames like "Hit or Miss Lopen" and "Longshot Lopen." It makes everything much more exciting! Including the Analysis Crew, of which he is a member.

He's been known to be a fanboy of such things as Halo and Kirby, and is probably the board's biggest fan of Raiden (MGS2).

Beware his Sephiroth-related erotic fanfiction posts during contest season.

Also chose Master Chief to beat Cloud Strife in the finals of the 2007 contest... claiming a boost from none other than Game Fuel!! (okay, I admit it, I just wanted to link to the article)

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