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Luis is best known for the fodder contest, where KleenexTissue50 beat Applekidjosh in the finals. It was a very successful user contest, but Grand Healer took it over for the sequel. Luis later ran a third fodder contest, in which Dekar TKB defeated The Utility Man in the finals.

A brief history for the massesEdit

As tranny so elequently put, most know Luis as the founder of the FC and that's a trademark that's propelled him to the upper echleons of lower midcarder status on the boards, contest speaking. He even won a round for the first time in the EUC's latest edition before the bracket was lost. Who knows, he could've been on a roll (before meeting Josh in the 3rd round... Hmm, I wonder how THAT would've turned out >_>).

Luis posts here and there when he gets the chance, although living 8 hours ahead of GameFAQs never helps when you're trying to be online during interesting hours. History wise, Luis came to Board 8 towards the end of the Villains contest, although he frequented since 2001, although on a day to day basis from 2003 onwards. No-one's kidding when they say the FC really kicked off Luis becoming a known regular either.

Tastes and such crapEdit

Although he's open minded enough to claim to not be a fanboy of any console or company, he does prefer Nintendo consoles, owning them since the N64, and playing since the SNES. His favourite series is Metroid, although he's also a fan of WarioLand and Starfox.

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