Maniac64 is a long time poster on Board 8. He stumbled onto the board during contest season and chose to stick around because of awesome topics like the Chamber of Time and the Board 8 Battle.

Despite having regularly visited the board for years the only thing he has really contributed is the Save my Firefly episode contest, which only had about 8-16 people posting in it, and characters in various writing topics and wrestling leagues. He enjoys doing lists and rankings. He also attempted to run a Dangan Ronpa game but it was stoppeddue to some serious real life issues that completely ruined the project for him.  Most of his posting is voting in various contests or participating in CYOAs, writing projects, lotteries, and other topics like that. He does not usually take part in discussions, but will gladly join in if the topic truly interests him. Maniac64 is a fan of Pro wrestling, a regular poster in the APWT topics, and is a succesful member of Board 8's B8UCA. 

Maniac realizes how generic his username is, but he is to lazy to come up with a new one to make his main. He also commonly uses the alt muddersmilk (based on an episode of Firefly), particularly at work.

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