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These are the Mario Kart Wii Numbers of every single Board 8 user. You can add them as friends in your Kart buddy list to play online together. Remember that two people cannot connect until they have both added each other.

What's My Number? - You can find it in the "Mario Kart Channel" on the main Wii menu.

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Board 8 Kart Numbers Edit

NOTE: When adding yourself to this list, please keep it in alphabetical order.

GameFAQs Name Kart Friend Code Kart Nickname
andylt 1504-5900-1410
Ayvuir 0774-4619-7330
baron von toast 2020-0083-5728 The Steve
Beavis666x2 4554-0355-0210
Biolizard 2921-9483-2036 Nick
Chamek 3952-7392-8737 Jims
Dauntless Hunter 4253-4930-7606
Dragonair 1375-7426-1253
DSRage 1848 2069 7131 Ryley
durango 5327-1319-0429
earth angel 3823-9097-6183
Elite Hunter 5284-1803-5476 Andy
Finalxflash 1161-0153-0606 Final
firaga89 0259-0674-3733
Grand Kirby 4038-6400-7244 GK
greatone10 3738-0020-0896 Tomko
Jack White 2277-6839-4995
Justin_Crossing 4811-7572-8153
KCF0107 4725-8726-0517
Master Moltar 0473-8171-4834
MrJake 3007-9061-7080
Meche313 3308-5051-8670 Meche
neonreaper 3909-8059-1111 neonreaper
Ngamer 0688-5686-4929 Ngamer
Red Shifter 5455-9808-0999 Rift
SBell0105 5069-4319-1500 Stuie
Sess 1418-7176-2287 The Rock
SHINE 4167-4890-2304 [B8] SHINE
SirBinro 0173-1791-8514 Honekko
Smurf 2148-8279-5822 Smurf
SuperAngelo128 2449-5139-5017 SA128
TeeVeeDinner 0216-1373-1446 TeeVee
TheRock1525 2191-8134-8310
WhakkoJacko 0559-6896-0833 Lucky
Yonex 4425-1752-1581 David
ZhangJunyi 4854-6839-7676 T-Pal

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