Ryu, looking totally maxed out

MaxedOutRyu has been posting on Board 8 since the 2004 Summer Contest.... and what lured him in was that damned incest topic. Since then he's been around posting his thoughts in various topics (KB's Social Bar, Strife2's topics, his Insomniac Bar topics, and a host of others). Some of his hobbies are listening to rap music [yes he likes rap, its not as *RKO's ExTha* bad as most of the board makes it out to be], eating chinese food, looking for Melyssa Ford pics, watching the amazing race, and talking with his girl. His dislikes are girls with flat asses, girls with no chest, girls who are ugly, and ugly moms. Here are his Top Ten favorite days of the week & a list of his alts.

Favorite Days of the Week Edit

10. Monday
9. Friday [the friday when i dont get paid]
8. Tuesday
7. Thursday
6. August 21 [any day this falls on is cool]
5. Sunday
4. Wednesday
3. Superbowl Sunday
2. Saturday
1. Friday [the friday when i get paid]

Ryu's Alts Edit

  • MaxedOutKen
  • MaxedOutTrunks *lost account*
  • MaxedOutBison
  • MaxedOutVega *coming soon*
  • MaxedOutMiata
  • ForeverMaxedOut
  • LegendaryMOR
  • jk3-crossova
  • -GuardianEatos-
  • -OllieWilliams-
  • AdvntChildren7
  • Heroic Maxed Out
  • HeroicWeaponX
  • OllieWilliams69 *read-only*
  • -UzumakiNaruto- *read-only*
  • Pea-Tear-Griffin *coming soon*

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