Megatournament is a tournament which is made up of several tournaments, with the winners of each of them going into a final bracket, Tournament of Champions style. As each tournament has something unique, you never know what will be against what in the final tournament. Megatournament includes contests run by various users. Zachnorn runs the Megatournament.

All Megatournament-related topics include the tag [mt].

Current tournaments: Edit

Tom Bombadil's 3-Man Scramble - (Voting phase)
XERD_003SS's Video Game Intro tournament - {Voting phase)
Zachnorn's Alphabetical User Tournament 2 - (Nomination phase)
Zachnorn's Best Website Ever Tournament - (Nomination phase)
BaschRonsenberg's SUPER HAPPY FUN MONKEY BASH - (Nomination phase)
SensiShadeSlaye's 128 character tournament (tentative name) - (Planning phase)

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