This article is about the original NES game and the entire series that has followed.
For the PSX game itself, see Metal Gear Solid.

Metal Gear the Game Edit

Metal Gear was able to "franchise nom" its way into the 2004 Game Contest due to its placement in the extremely weak 8-bit Division. It made the bracket as a 16 seed and was promptly drummed out of the tournament in the first match of the season by #1 Super Mario Bros. 3, which punished MG with over 82% of the vote.

Notable Matches Edit

Metal Gear the Series Edit

Metal Gear returned to a bracket two years later, this time competing as a series (which included both the NES and PSX/PS2 "Solid" versions of the franchise) in the 2006 Series Contest. MG made it in as the #1 seed in the weak "Snake Division" which it won easily by dispatching of Soul Calibur, Fire Emblem, and Kingdom Hearts. In the Final Four matchup MG managed only 26% of the vote while being decimated by eventual Champion The Legend of Zelda; luckily Zelda had destroyed all its other opponents even worse, resulting in a respectable 6th place finish on the final X-Stats.

Notable Matches Edit

Character Battle Representation Edit

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