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A Nintendo DS game, and the greatest use of Wi-Fi in existence. It comes with a 1 player game, but it's unimportant and inferior to the Wi-Fi mode. It was released at the same time as Tetris DS, another DS Wi-Fi game. It also has a voice chat feature (Friends and Rivals only).

Friend Codes Edit

Angsty Lou / Kosmo Trainer - 2663-5615-2181

Big Bob - 2062-2598-9440

BlackMageJawa - 3393-7511-6191

Brakmaster - 3651-4001-9532

Daranix - 4467-4415-9043

Durango - 4725-1913-2183

DSRage - 2792-4070-3114

GuessMyUserName - 1933-8850-7019

NotYou - 1933-4108-2175

Paperwarior - 4811-0389-2725

Rad Link 5 - 0258-3754-8631

Rezzy - 2448-8075-9215

SA2Tails - 3307-8074-9717

WVI - 1976-6409-9668

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