CantFaketheFunk Edit

79. Money the Monkey

Bastard stole stuff from you. Plus he had a really stupid name. I'm impressed with his strength at being able to haul Max's Ample Bust up to Acro's room, though.


29. Money the Monkey

He managed to carry Max's bust (tee hee... "bust") to Acro's room. Money must be ****ing Hercules or something.

Hell, I wouldn't be surprised to him come back in the upcoming AJ game and toss Tres Bien into orbit around the Earth just to show how manly ( he is.

Learn to fear Money or else he throw you helluva far, foo'.

Naye745 Edit

80. Money

that god damned monkey stole your attorneys badge, what a jerk

Paratroopa1 Edit

69. Money

Gets this high on the list just for the scene where he steals Phoenix's attorney badge, which I still find totally hilarious. That's pretty much it.

SSBM_Guy Edit

76. Money the Monkey

Case(s): 2-3

Money's cool. He's a monkey. Monkeys are awesome. ...Well, sometimes. Anyways, this guy is a damn strong monkey. I mean, he can lift Max's bust. What. That's insane. Seriously insane. A monkey who can lift a statue on his own. And carry it up all the way to Acro's room. Wow. That's amazing. Seriously. Also, this guy loves stealing shiny things. But really. Shiny things are awesome. Like Phoenix's Attorney Badge. I would steal that Attorney's Badge. I mean, who wouldn't want that Attorney's Badge? ...In any case, there's not much to talk here. Just more filler.

transience Edit

74. Money the Monkey

- uhh he stole something from Phoenix and I guess that makes him like a fifth tier animal or something

WiggumFan267 Edit

73. Money the Monkey

Agh he stole my badge and I couldn't find it for a while! I think this puts him at one step smarter than Furio. Wait I get it his name is Money and he likes shiny things so he likes money but only coins. He also likes busts, especially Max's. Aww yea, Money.

Leonhart4 Edit

74. Money

The Good: This thing must be a pretty beastly monkey if it can carry Max's bust all the way up to Acro's room from the cafeteria. That's really impressive.

The Best: Phoenix trying to get his attorney's badge back from Money, especially if you do it monkey style. That was seriously one of my favorite moments from 2-3.

The Bad: He wears a stupid hat, and Money is a pretty stupid name for a monkey. Plus, if he hadn't stolen the bust, the whole 2-3 mess could've been avoided!

The Worst: Okay, stealing Phoenix's attorney's badge was funny, but don't go send me on a fetch quest to find one of Regina's costumes! Argh, what a waste of time.

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