The Most Impressive Performances of 2007, based on how much a given character overperformed against the expectation set for them, based on the average Oracle Challenge prediction for that match.

As a quick example, imagine a match consisting of Mario/Link/Cloud/Snake, and after all 150 Oracle players had entered their guess, the average score expected of Mario was 20%. Instead Mario ended up surprising everyone by scoring 25%, giving him an overperformance of 5% for that match.

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Most Impressive Performances Overall Edit

Characters who most impressed Oracle predictors board-wide, by scoring much higher in this round than expected.

  1. Fox (R1): +13.36% vs Wario, Falcon, Banjo
  2. L-Block (R1): +11.95% vs Kirby, Laharl, Nathan Hale
  3. Ryu Hayabusa (R1): +11.86% vs Riku, Roxas, Haseo
  4. Ada Wong (R1): +11.19% vs Balthier, Mac, Matt
  5. Pikachu (R3): +11.13% vs Dante, Leon, Ammy
  6. Master Chief (R1): +10.34% vs Yuna, Vercetti, PaRappa
  7. Marcus Fenix (R1): +8.84% vs Kefka, Tom Nook, Serge
  8. Pikachu (R1): +8.35% vs Tidus, Isaac, Serge
  9. Mudkip (R1): +8.14% vs Luigi, Pit, Tingle
  10. Master Chief (R2): +8.04% vs Yuna, Alucard, Liquid Snake
  11. Sephiroth (R2): +7.23% vs Fox, Meta Knight, Wario
  12. L-Block (R2): +7.21% vs Kratos, Kirby, DK
  13. Sub-Zero (R1): +7.13% vs Sonic, Prince, Viewtiful Joe
  14. Bidoof (R1): +5.98% vs Link, Edgeworth, Agent J
  15. Scorpion (R1): +5.97% vs Midna, Kratos A, Agent 47
  16. Cloud (R3): +5.91% vs Ryu, Auron, Marcus
  17. Sonic (R2): +5.90% vs Sub-Zero, Gordon, Duke
  18. Meta Knight (R1): +5.88% vs Sephiroth, Peach, CATS
  19. Big Boss (R1): +5.82% vs Mario, Pac-Man, Wander
  20. L-Block (R5): +5.76% vs Snake, Master Chief, Dante
  21. Sephiroth (R3): +5.70% vs Mario, Big Boss, Fox
  22. Squall (R3): +5.66% vs Sonic, Sora, Sub-Zero
  23. Auron (R2): +5.61% vs Ryu, Bowser, Shadow
  24. Crash (R1): +5.60% vs Magus, Phoenix, Bomberman
  25. Pyramid Head (R1): +5.60% vs Auron, Shadow, Chris Redfield

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