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The Most Surprising Results of 2007, based on what percentage of GameFAQs brackets expected them to occur.

These rankings and stats are based solely on how many brackets picked a character to advance, not how many had them to advance in the correct position, because SB's failure to explain the bracket more clearly resulted in nearly 50% of pickers not realizing that order mattered. Which, of course, renders all "first place/second place" numbers entirely meaningless.

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Most Surprising Results Overall Edit

Characters who predictors site-wide gave the last chance of advancing out of this particular round (or in the case of the Final, least chance of finishing first or second).

  1. L-Block (R6) - 0.99% vs Link, Cloud, Snake
  2. L-Block (R5) - 1.66% vs Snake, Master Chief, Dante
  3. L-Block (R4) - 2.35% vs Snake, Sonic, Squall
  4. L-Block (R3) - 3.48% vs Snake, Kratos, Riku
  5. L-Block (R2) - 6.67% vs Kratos, Kirby, Donkey Kong
  6. Amaterasu (R2) - 9.38% vs Dante, Ada, Balthier
  7. Vincent (R3) - 10.94% vs Link, Crono, Zero
  8. Big Boss (R2) - 15.07% vs Mario, Magus, Phoenix
  9. Ryu (R3) - 17.39% vs Cloud, Auron, Marcus
  10. Yuna (R2) - 22.44% vs Master Chief, Alucard, Liquid Snake
  11. Marcus Fenix (R2) - 23.53% vs Cloud, Ocelot, Kefka
  12. Sub-Zero (R2) - 24.73% vs Sonic, Gordon, Duke
  13. Dante (R4) - 25.14% vs Master Chief, Luigi, Pikachu
  14. Squall (R3) - 26.20% vs Sonic, Sora, Sub-Zero
  15. Scorpion (R2) - 29.51% vs Samus, Frog, Midna
  16. Pikachu (R3) - 29.75% vs Dante, Leon, Ammy
  17. Luigi (R3) - 29.87% vs Master Chief, Ganon, Yuna
  18. KOS-MOS (R1) - 30.09% vs Mega Man, Arthas, Diablo
  19. L-Block (R1) - 32.77% vs Kirby, Laharl, Nathan Hale
  20. HK-47 (R1) - 33.24% vs Zero, Lloyd, Jak

Most Surprising of Round One Edit

Characters who predictors site-wide gave the least chance of advancing to Round Two.

  1. KOS-MOS - 30.09% vs Mega Man, Arthas, Diablo
  2. L-Block - 32.77% vs Kirby, Laharl, Nathan Hale
  3. HK-47 - 33.24% vs Zero, Lloyd, Jak
  4. Big Boss - 33.79% vs Mario, Pac-Man, Wander
  5. Mudkip - 34.50% vs Luigi, Pit, Tingle
  6. Bidoof - 34.56% vs Link, Edgeworth, Agent J
  7. Vergil - 37.99% vs Ganon, Thrall, Ratchet
  8. Meta Knight - 38.02% vs Sephiroth, Peach, CATS
  9. Amaterasu - 39.13% vs Dante, Little Mac, Matt
  10. Vivi - 39.83% vs Leon, Ridley, Spyro

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