Nidoran f

Nidoran F is one of approximately 500 critters from a much loved (or much despised) game series known as "Pokémon."

Nidoran F became popular when it was known that the Summer 2006 Contest would demand 7 nominations from each gender - and one of the biggest suggestions for the females was Nidoran F.

Although a mere 8th seed in the Summer Contest 2006, various members of Board 8 (and LUE and LueLinks) have begun to show support for Nidoran to save her from the fate characters such as Tanner, Mr. Driller, and Ms. Pac-Man have suffered. Many Pokemon fans have even gone so far as to demand that Nidoran overthrow the Noble Nine. However, the odds of an actual defeat handed to Samus by Nidoran are slim to none.

Samus VS Nidoran is scheduled to be the first poll of the contest. Vote for Nidoran F for Summer Contest 2k6 champion!

(that was the content of many Board 8 threads throughout the period between the bracket and the first poll. The fate of Nidoran will be known on September 12...)


Now that September 12 has come and past, we finally have the results from Samus vs. Nidoran F. Nidoran F managed to get 18.15% on Samus (21,180 votes), with 116,713 votes submitted. As Samus went on to win the 2006 Contest, this respectable showing resulted in a surprisingly strong final X-stat value for Nidoran F: 16.64%, good enough for 56th out of the 69 characters involved in the Contest.

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