Now has a wiki.

Is a MAN! (Also a user on Board 8, with a small group of extremely loyal supporters of his tom-foolery, mostly they agree with his tenant of seaworthiness)

NinjaMachiaveli is most well known for a topic created in his first week of activity on the board in which he described 10 ways in which Board 8 Users could improve their awesome. The most influential and groundbreaking of these was the use of the term Seaworthy. What was Seaworthy frequently coincided with whatever NinjaMachiaveli believed in at the moment, though at the core it was a term of respect of wit, intelligence, and integrity. Frequently a post, topic, or user would be declared Seaworthy or Un-Seaworthy.

His other major contribution was in Bokonon_Lives' Best. Attack. Ever. contest. His nominations Battle of Wits (Princess Bride) and Drop the Moon on Them (General) ended up meeting in the final round of the contest, beating out many popular attacks (Ultima, Hadouken, Omnislash, etc.) causing shouts of "This contest has lost all credibility" much to NM's joy, and Bokonon's dismay. (NM did get a bit irritated, however, when Force Choke lost to Set Up Them the Bomb)

His days on Board 8 were believed to be over during the board 8 character contest (Fall '06) during the match of Tifa v. Samus. When Tifa took a lead, NinjaMachiaveli was dismayed and cursed the patriarchy claiming that Tifa was only winning because of chauvanistic fanboyism and joked that he'd account suicide if Samus lost. When informed that this was a bannable offense NinjaMachiaveli responded only with "Really?" or "Really!" (which was in fact also his response to anyone voting for Tifa - "Tifa? Really?") until he eventually ceased to be.

He currently is using the account SeaworthyReally.

p.s. NinjaMachiaveli is super sexy.

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