Ngirl all dressed up

nintendogirl1, real name Cyndi Gold is in her final year at Uni, doing a one year teaching conversion course having got a 2-1 in History with English. She's English, and so comes with all those Euro trimmings such as liking Football (she's an obsessive Newcastle United fan). She used to have mod powahz.

NGirl arrived in late 2006 and no-one noticed. She was still a regular at the Zelda:TP Social Board and really didn't venture much out of the stats and discussion topics. Even in those she barey posted.

She continued lurking till summer 2007 when the TP boards started dying. A a result she began posting very sporadically. Then in the spring of '08 she exploded on the board with a multitude of posts.

Smurf made a topic spoofing Ed Bellis's WWYD entitled the girl topic. Ngirl entered Day 1 which was show your boobs. Although originally Smurf intended a covered up shot, NGirl posted the lot. As the only entry, NGirl is technically still owed some GMUN love ...

Naturally, this being the interwebs, this shot NGirl into the public eye.


On the November 8th, NGirl became one of what is a very impressive number of Board 8 mods, including Red13n, TRE and Ness26 who became a mod on the same day NGirl did.

On April 22, 2015, NGirl stepped down, causing a panic as people began to fear that she had committed suicide, as she posted a goodbye topic and frequented the depression topic.

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